Benchmark Set in 2008—2009
  1. Two terminal exams , quarterly and Half yearly exams along with monthly tests .It is a part of monthly calendar.
  2. Research projects through different agencies.
  3. Job oriented courses in each department , certified by university
  4. Improvement in infrastructure civil, drinking water facilities lighting and lab facilities, renovation of pathways maintenance of garden.
  5. Multipurpose sports facilities
  6. Introduction of Environment awareness paper and project as per the supreme court directives.
Outcomes Achieved

Two types of job oriented courses self finance and add on in add on course the students are given certificate in the first year diploma in the second year and advanced diploma in the third year certified by university all these courses give a flexibility to students where they can choose these subjects as per their wish.

  1. Add on Self finance courses in biotechnology
  2. Add on self finance course in medicinal chemistry
  3. Msc Maths
  4. PGDCA COMPUTER LAB with 100 modern computers and BSc in computer science
  5. PG diploma in dietetics
  6. BA fashion designing
  7. BSC food science and quality control
  8. Advanced Diploma in bioinformatics
  9. Examination reforms implementation of half yearly and quarterly exams
  10. 9 research projects by various agencies like UGC and CGCOST
  11. infrastructure enhancement
    • Complete flooring of ground floor of main building
    • Concreting of pathways
    • Renovation of car/scooter parking
    • English language lab
    • PGDCA computer lab
    • Renovation of auditorium
    • Concrete slabs on the first floor
    • Water cooler in each corridor fitted with aqua guard
    • Garden renovation with janbhagidari samiti.
    • Network resource center of UGC.
    • Renovation of cooking lab dietetics lab bio chemistry lab
    • Construction of new hostel building of 72 seats by stategovernment.
    • Extension of library
    • Students appeared in the paper and submitted projects
Status Benchmark Achieved
Benchmark Year 2009—2010
  • Proposals to conduct seminars and conferences on relevant and multidisciplinary topics
  • Terminal Exams
  • College working towards achieving CPE
  • To open new job oriented courses
  • Departments asked to prepare research projects
  • Training programs given in sports for self defense and aerobics.
  • Terminal Exams became the regular feature of the institute.
  • College working towards achieving CPE
  • Proposals sent for various seminars and conferences and research projects.
  • CPE is in progress
Status Benchmark Achieved
Benchmark Year 2010—2011
  • CPE Nomination
  • Networking
  • Gender Sensitive Workshops
  • Computerised Office Working
  • E Payroll
  • Trainings
  • Trekking Camps
  • College Nominated Under CPE Scheme by UGC and received a grant of 75 lakhs as first installment.
  • Wired Networking through BSNL.
  • Computerised Office Working by using specific softwares
  • Lab facilities enhanced by CPE grant.
  • Trainings Sculpture
  • Sam Workshop
  • Trekking Camp To Jaiselmer arranged by youth hostel of India.
Status Benchmark Achieved
Benchmark Year 2011—2012
  • Institute working under CPE
  • More Research Projects
  • To increase the Number of research scholars
  • ICT based student section.
  • Dance Course & Faculty
  • Ph. D Works
  • New Courses
  • Student section was made ICT based and hassle free ,unique ID No. was created for each student , barcodes in marksheets and in library .
  • 9 Ph. D Awarded
  • Kathak in BA with one of the subject a dance faculty Dr. Swapnil Karmahe
  • SAM workshop of five days 5th to 9th Oct
  • New Books and Journals of Rs 956000 under CPE
  • M. Com Self Finance
  • M.A. Clinical Psychology as specialization
Status Benchmark Achieved
Benchmark Year 2012-2013
  • Documentation
  • Making Techno Savvy College
  • WiFi Campus
  • Integrated sports complex
  • Tissue Culture Lab
  • New Hostels
  • Research Center
  • E Magazine
  • Linkages & MOU’s
  • Publications
  • Interdepartmental mail
  • Soul Software
  • E Journals
  • Office staff getting trained on new softwares
  • Sports Complex is in progress
  • New Hostel sponsored by UGC
  • Automation of Library by Soul Software
  • Ripples E magazine started by Dr. Amitabh Banerjee
  • And Documentation done in the form of
    • Handbook of working and teaching
    • News letter of IQAC has been released
    • Magazine the Psyche for students
Status Benchmark Achieved
Benchmark Year 2013 –2014
  • Development of Quality Radars (QRs)(Quality Radars are under process) interaction with SQAC
    Recently submitted a proposal to rusa for converting the college in to a women university.
    • Green Audit
    • Energy Audit
    • Academic Audit