Message from The Chairperson

Being a part of higher education system in a developing nation, there is a greater responsibility on us to create a system that commits to bring benefits of education to society and nations at a large in pursuit of excellence required in higher education, NAAC/UGC have launched the concept of setting of Internal Quality Assessment Cell IQAC in the institute to build a sustainable quality bench mark for various academic and administrative activities in the Institute, THE INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE CELL IQAC enables us to realize our strengths. When we understand our strengths at the same time it is essential to understand our weaknesses which can put us in disadvantage , we also become aware of the opportunities that can be utilized to our advantage and factors that can pose threats to us to reach our goals, IQAC enables us to reach our objectives by constantly evaluating our performance, accrediting the quality of education, and upgrading the benchmark to scale up the standard of education. We commit toward building an environment of learning with an outstanding infrastructure, dissemination of knowledge using upgraded technology and carefully designed curriculum taught by research oriented faculty members. We work towards differentiating ourselves by bringing ethos of student centeredness and molding students to be lifelong learners and innovators.

At this juncture I invite you all to this enriching learning experience and contribute towards Nation Building.