Vision 2020

  1. To develop e-class room.
  2. To obtain more minor and major research projects.
  3. The college plans to 'install the Institutional Repository Software Packages such as, CDS Ware, D space, E-paints, Fedora, Ganesha digital library and Greenstone for use of the research scholars and students.
  4. The library plans to subscribe "SCOPUSEā€ in near future. Beside this, the college is all set to attain a microwave link from the Software Technology Park of India, an organization of the Government of India, in order to provide electronic information services including free global access to thousands of independent projects, dissertations, Ph.D. theses apart from the other reports to our scholars.
  5. To establish a museum, to introduce diploma in tourism, terracotta and bell metal art training and PG Diploma courses in Tourism and to organize seminars by the department of history.
  6. To introduce post graduate course in dance (Kathak) by the department of dance.
  7. To organize workshops on Drama and Creative Writing and also a workshop on English language for visually challenged students by the department of English.
  8. To introduce a PC diploma courses in Ethno medico botany; to establish a hi-tech green house, to establish a pharmacological laboratory by the department of Botany.
  9. Preservation Pandulipi, to start a web magazine, to organize study tours and film shows and preparation of documentaries by the department of Hindi
  10. To introduce a new course in Master of social work (MSW) by the department of sociology.
  11. To organize a visit to Parliament by the department of Political Science.
  12. To introduce postgraduate course courses by the department of Physics.
  13. To start research study centre by the department of mathematics.
  14. To introduce a new course in Mental Health Research in the department of Psychology.
  15. To establish an animal museum. Under scheme of innovative programmes of UGC and to organise an international conference on Comparative Endocrinology and Physiology by the department of Zoology.